Covid-19 – Not A Curse

Is nature fighting back? Maybe. But how much of that can you control? Very little. I miss hugging my friends. We all do. I miss the coffee dates, the hearty laughs, wind against my face and the white Diani sand on my hand. And what about hopping on a plane? That I miss the most. The view from above, so insane, the chemicals sparked by my love and my postponed plans of the trip to Spain. I like to think of myself as productive, but what’s a pandemic without a little laziness? Too seductive. What i don’t particularly miss is my previous eating behavior. This is why. 👇

For most people, the future is uncertain, so we end up postponing things we should do for things we feel like doing at the moment. We end up being less productive, feeling less motivated, and less focused. Everyone has let the laziness creep in. It’s an energy that is going all around because people are bored and low-key stressed about what is currently happening, and that’s okay. What road have you not walked before searching for bread? Who have you not called when you were stressed? What have you not done to make sure your family is fed? For the friend without a job or the CEO with the best, don’t we all now lie in the same bed? Maybe, just maybe, this is the time to rest. You’ve been up and down before, dare I say you deserve this break. The break you have been craving to finally take that photography class (try Skill-share), or learn to paint (free YouTube videos) or pick up a new language (Duolingo is my personal favorite), or a book by Anne Sexton, or finally a bed instead. The rest that we had fled from, held steadfast by our nine to five’s like a noose to a neck has finally come with scissors for that rope, and what the heck!

Tell me if this is true: since the pandemic, we have been taking care of ourselves and each other a little bit more; calling, texting and face timing our friends and family a bit more, donating where we can, being less busy like we have been praying for and having all the time to reconnect with people that are meaningful to us. Remember that relationship that needs mending, that room whose walls cry for a makeover, the book that now has a movie or the movie that made you smile the most? Pick up the phone and paint the room red with words that will make you connect and scenes that will make you reflect. Then, reflect.

You are allowed to reflect on whether or not you want bread or pancakes or both, for the third time today. You are also allowed to reflect on the events that have disrupted your life before, compromised your ideals, or stopped you from exploring life as freely as you had wished. Maybe the laziness is not happening to you but for you. Enjoy it for a while. Reignite that childlike spirit in you once more. When you’re ready to get back into action, you will wake up one day and get to it. But don’t be too hard on yourself. We’re all lazy out here right now. It’ll pass. Allow yourself to just be. When you come out of this, you will see that you are not a lazy person, you only needed a small break from a big big world.

Denial of reality is worse than the reality itself, so do yourself a favor and stay in bed, wash your hands, and stay at home instead.

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