The Difference In Chasing ‘Different’

Every experience is useful. Everything, no matter how trivial, is useful. A man with a briefcase full of money cannot bribe the animals in the forest for his freedom, just like a man that lives in the forest and comes to the city cannot use his bow and arrow to hunt for jobs.

Similar things work differently in different circumstances, just as different things work differently in similar conditions. The difference is always in the difference, and my apologies for overusing a brilliant word such as different! For who and what has never aspired to be it? The exceptional? We look for ‘the one’ and seek to be known as the ‘the one.’ We are asked about our unique qualities at job interviews. Similar products are sold to the consumer by presenting a unique selling point to which one might go, “Aaah, that is different. I’ll give it a try.”

“I don’t know what it is about him. He is just so different.” (or her) Sound familiar?

If one was to eat tomato stew every day for nine months, eventually, they’d want something different. Sooner rather than later. Even if tomato stew was the last remaining food on the planet. They would find ways to make alternatives. They would discover fire. They would become inventors and explorers, all in search of something different. They would write books that give different opinions on the same subject, for each subjective experience matters, and to each, his or hers matters the most. And they would win awards for being different, and they would build schools and teach kids how to ‘set yourself apart from the crowd.’

And when all is said and done, would they proudly tilt their heads towards the sun and say they drank from all the rivers in all the corners of the earth, or did they only drink from the queer, wayward, uniquely gleaming ones? The pink waters and the perfectly transparent ones? The ones that boil hot when they should be freezing? The ones that have set themselves apart from the crowd?

Kay Redfield, author of An Unquiet Mind, tells what it is like to be different through her touching and inspiring memoir of moods and madness. You can read a review of the book here to get a clearer picture of what it really means to be different mentally, academically, intellectually, and professionally.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Chasing difference should not deter one from experimenting with the basic. The simple. The common. For love is a universal emotion, is it not? Do you chase it still? Yes. For a forest is a common place and an overcrowded café too. Yet a walk through one and an afternoon spent in the other is nothing short of a disparate experience each time. And in this disparateness, you find a familiar, shared, comfortable feeling, breathing in the intensely fresh air or tasting that second sip of macchiato.

Give them all a try. All of them.

Heaven’s Door

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I Am A Woman And I Don’t Feel Safe In This World

I was born like thisWith tits and big hipsA river between my legs,A lake in my heart,A mind that rages like the ebbs of the sea,Mud on my hands before I knew what water is. I have dragged this mountain,And though I have the sight,I still crumble at my sides.I have been told to bow…

Gleams Of Streams Of Dreams

I have given myself over to youI have opened my heartAnd I have felt you in it. I have felt you in my brain too.You that pull the stringsThat fills my in betweens. I have not a single clue,No intention in playing smart,But I have feelings I’d like to admit. My body your love has…

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