Remain Alert, Awake and Aware

Start. Just start. Don’t wait for motivation to give you a kiss. We are winning in life. We are trusting our gut. And we are going for it anyway. All of it. The door, the building, and the sky above it.

Your mind is a magnet to the circumstances in your life. Your actions are a result of your feelings. Your feelings are a result of the perceptions you form in your mind. Therefore, you, my friend, are linked intrinsically to your mind.

You are not and cannot be separated from your thoughts. You cannot have continuous positive thoughts. You cannot allow yourself to be trapped in your pattern of thinking or consumed by the ego, for the mind needs to set camp in a body that is well functioning with a consciousness that is alert, awake, and aware.

You cannot control all of your thoughts. But you can observe them and act accordingly, but never in anger or intense emotion. If you made a choice when pumped on crack cocaine, would you make the same choice when your senses come knocking back? Probably not.

Emotion is like crack. We love to feel it, and once we taste it, we can’t stop wanting it. Sometimes we cling on to happiness that now brings us pain simply because it makes us feel something. Other times we cling on to pain simply because, paradoxically enough, feeling that pain gives us a sense of familiar comfort, familiar emotion, an emotion that stirs both the body and the spirit. Familiar emotions are comfortable, and humans love comfort.

You must remain alert, awake, and aware. You must vibrate in the correct frequency to attract the right things. It’s all in the energy which manifests through the emotion. It’s all in the mind, a human aspect we have charge of. The spirit, we let it guide us. The spirit, essence, and awareness that we call intuition is also a form of energy. This, we must follow. Together, using strategies to elevate your mind and spirit, you become aware of the essentials, alert to your surroundings, and awake for the full experience of life.

You live.

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