Where Are We As Humanity Going? Surely? Seriously? Honestly?

We live in a world where the poor man’s tongue is cut, where a woman cannot sit comfortably among men alone, where a black man can only feel safe among other black men, where children have been taught the race game, and men the shame game because boys will be boys, innit?

We live in a world where bigotry and prejudices gaslight tyranny over democracy, where a woman’s opinion is a mere suggestion, where fact is fiction and delusions are facts, where ego and reputation rule, where class and pocket change put the pedal on the gas.

Where are we really headed as a civilization? As humanity? We can’t even confidently call ourselves human anymore because that would require a certain degree of kindness that we seem to have taken out with the past millenium’s trash. Put empathy in that trash bag as well because feeling bad is not the same as acting good. Choose kindness over empathy. Choose action over thought.

It might require a ‘dangerous thing‘ to rid humanity of the rot we are currently decaying from. None of us will be alive to witness this dangerous thing rip humanity apart. Rip apart economies, countries, people. Probably not even our children. But it is clear as day that if we continue to degrade as a collective internal system, our functioning will cease and along with it our functions. We have everything we need to save ourselves but not when  people refuse to let go of their need to be right, their fear of crumbled illusions and as a result, a crumbled self because of the destruction of the ego. A potential existential crisis. God forbid, right? Newsflash: we are living in a society where the majority live with existential vacuums because of said illusions and delusions.

If what we are doing as human beings is not helping us raise a better generation, is not helping us become better beings or even, at the very least, feel better, then why on earth do we keep on doing these harmful things to ourselves? Why the show of idiotic masochism?

Friends, we live in a world that points fingers at the mentally afflicted, not realizing how the right set of circumstances could put them in the very same position they ridicule while in good health. Why is humanity like this? Why are we so cruel to each other yet, innately, we are all the same. What makes a human being a human? His physical body. What constitutes his being? His conscious state. All one requires to be classified as a human being are body and consciousness or that ‘inner feeling of awareness’. But lo and behold, the animosity that flourishes in Lions flourishes in human hearts and actions. It places a knee on the neck of humanity and suffocates it to its last dying breath. Surely surely, have we not seen enough death from each other? Can we set aside the animals from the conscious beings? Can we act human? Can we be those people we so admire?

My faith is dwindling but the torch is still on. So much death and destruction, propaganda and hate, that I cry, now, as I write about it all. How can we expect to raise a better generation than ours when what we teach them is already wrong? When how we act is different from how we tell them to act? When our words betray their trust? When we poison them as toddlers and pray they become angels in the future? You can’t pass down a broken mantle and demand it work as perfectly as a new one would.

We have no right to be right anymore because, in fact, we have been wrong all along. Deadly wrong. If history is a teacher, then let the history that we are creating right now teach the people of the future a better lesson than our own history has. A lesson with less bloodshed and more kindness. We fear revisiting the past yet we are creating that very same fearful energy right now for the future that is yet to come. I am tired of living on such a black world,such deep rooted darkness. And here I was thinking that the light is what blinds.

Subjective opinions are not the truth but a truth only fully understood by the opinion holder, as are my thoughts on this subject matter. The world we currently live in feels wrong and cold and far too harsh for it to be fueled by humans who claim to have souls residing in them.

Presently, I am tired and far too disheartened to write anymore.

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