Dear Night, There’s Nothing Quiet About You

Ease my weariness oh dear night
Take away all that stayed from light.
Are there words a poet can now strew
To explain the day’s toil in full?
The restlessness that still escorts?
Even in my dreams does he court.
Dear night with your euphonious tunes
Spare me the dark and all its hues.
I ask, knowing still upon me
Lies the action and company.
Even in the darkest of nights
There is always a light. Such heights
Do men uproar and clamor, due
To the day’s noise that turns them blue.
In bed I lay, no love to mend
Dear night is roo my only friend?
Very well, then quiet be it
As the sun sinks, so does my heart with it.
Remind me stars, you sublime lights
What meaning’s derived from such nights
When you explode and die and shine
So does a man’s heart whine then dine.
Remind me moon, of those conquered you
The parts they took, still, you shine too.
Retain spirit undefeated
Like mountain goats on peaks seated,
Like a planet constantly killed
But giving life, even with fate sealed.
To sleep – ha! – it’s an agenda
To rest, a fight till surrender
To quiet the mind, what say you?
I’ll take this today as my coup.

Dear night, there’s nothing queit about you.

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