I Am That Which I Am

I am the maker of the cloth
The fabric of my life.
I am everything that I need,
The builder, the breaker.
I am the tailor and the dress
The scissors and the thread.
I am the floor under the feet
And the man that walks on it.

I am the bullet through the throat
The blood red history books
I am the warm red of sunset,
The tears on soft tissue.
I am the tragic breaking news
The signs marching the streets.
I am Justice and I am peace
And all I say I am,
I am.

I am the black of the tears
The I do’s of union.
I am the last of all the bread
The selflessness of friends.
I am the green of all the grass
The blue of the ocean.
I am the kiss, art and music
And air of all that is.

If I say I am the dentist
And the decaying tooth,
The purity of intention,
Intention of the pure,
That heals the body of the sick
And sure makes a man think
Of all he thought impossible
And how little he knew,
If I tell you that I am God
Hence the master and slave
The dictator of all my days
The haste and the delays,
The love in my heart or that missed
The freedom caught and lost,
The will to choose how I live life,
I am that which I am.
If I act like God then I am
Or the slave, still, I am.

I am a human being.
I am a being.
I am.

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