Enthusiastic writer. Pragmatic thinker. Curious out-of-the-box lover of life.

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Kendi Karimi is a professional journalist with rich experience in writing. She graduated top of her class with a first class honors in Mass Communication. She has written for media houses, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and creative institutions.

She has also authored several books, some of which are available on Amazon, and dabbles in ghost writing.

Her writing spans a wide variety of themes, including:

  • Creative writing (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Health and wellness
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Short stories and essays
  • Copy editing
  • Poetry
At the heart of my work is a hope to open eyes to an awakening of consciousness through the lessons I have learnt (and continue to) from the troubles hurled at me in my daily life. Enabling you to live your best life spiritually, financially, philosophically and not be bound by what you have/what you don't is a great aim of mine which I hope to accomplish through these posts. 

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