You Refill My Heart Like Liquid Love

My love for you is rareSaid no lover anywhereFor love is everywhereAnd a man in love is aware. Even when my stomach rolls,My love, my heart rolled firstFor every time you’re on my mindI even feel the rolling of time. Summer in, winter outThere’s never a day I live in drought,You are the reason for…

I Fell In love With A God, A Beautiful Death I Swear!

I fell in love with a GodA beautiful death, I swear.Between the love we soughtFrom his head to my feet,He found a potted flowerAnd I the garden of life. About the light in my eyesWatch how when he walks in,I light up the whole room.About the shivering of my thighs,When his move, I go kaput!…

Life Lies In The In-Between

Between the fear of deathAnd the anxiousness of lifeLies man and his dreams Haunted by his sins. Between his earthly troubles And the breaking of his heart Sits man and his hopes Of changing the world. Between the lies said to self And the forgiving of friends And pleasing of guests, He forgets himself. Between…

Sorrounded By Crickets, Words, A Pen And A Beating Heart

There is a girl that likes to play with words She suffers deeply because of what she calls her art. She is devoted to the art of creation, And island in an island, in an island, in an island. There is a path where she can be the creator, And there is one she can…

Yours Is The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth -But-

When you are tied to the chasing of pleasure,You are tied to the experience of pain.For what is pleasurable is fleeting,And that which leaves breaks our hearts. When that pleasure you seek resides withinWhat you seek without seems undoubtedly demeaning,For wherever you go, so shall it be,And you shall call it Joy,And you, shall enjoy!…

Love’s The Bullet That Killed Me Twice – 4 Poems On Love

If we were having wine
I’d ask you to be mine
I’d let the liquor talk,
Confess it’s you I stalk. If that dreaded head smiled,
I’d reveal all I’d lied.
The steaming – the teeming,
The coming alive would kill me…. (

Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

The field is green
I am the shade
I do not sleep
But dance always with the wind.

I am a beautiful way to drown,… (Read more🌟)

Euphoria In Nirvana

Look for the girl that feels like home,
Like the book you keep on reading
And never want to end,
Like the roses you keep on smelling
And never want them to die,…who likes your flesh… depth… (Read more🌟)

The Tree That Thinks, Becomes

At thunder’s strike
Amid life’s strife,
Grow your green leaves
Before they die.
Think it- root it
And hence decide
How strong your bark,
How fast you crack,
What gay flowers,
What thorns and weeds… (Read more🌟)

Inseparable Artistry

I write with my mind these lines
In this novel of life.
If midway I find fame,
Shame, pain, – fail my own game,

I write with my mind these lines
In this novel of life.
Of the end, I am blank.
The present is a bank.

Pen to paper I author it
Front to back, I draw the receipt.
Cash or credit only I pick
The mind tricks and life gets a kick.

Like land gives what it gets
What one pens, one begets… (Read more🌟)