Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

The field is green
I am the shade
I do not sleep
But dance always with the wind.

I am a beautiful way to drown,… (Read more🌟)

Euphoria In Nirvana

Look for the girl that feels like home,
Like the book you keep on reading
And never want to end,
Like the roses you keep on smelling
And never want them to die,…who likes your flesh… depth… (Read more🌟)

The Tree That Thinks, Becomes

At thunder’s strike
Amid life’s strife,
Grow your green leaves
Before they die.
Think it- root it
And hence decide
How strong your bark,
How fast you crack,
What gay flowers,
What thorns and weeds… (Read more🌟)

Inseparable Artistry

I write with my mind these lines
In this novel of life.
If midway I find fame,
Shame, pain, – fail my own game,

I write with my mind these lines
In this novel of life.
Of the end, I am blank.
The present is a bank.

Pen to paper I author it
Front to back, I draw the receipt.
Cash or credit only I pick
The mind tricks and life gets a kick.

Like land gives what it gets
What one pens, one begets… (Read more🌟)

The Law Of Opposites

In the space where nothing exists,
Everything originates.
In the pains of labor
We draw our inextinguishable strength.
Through giving to others
We give more to ourselves. The more you enjoy your job
The less of a job it feels like.

For whatever exists,
There exists its opposite… (Read more🌟)

God Making Venus

When my feet touch the marble floor, I say a prayer in my head
For waking me up – thanks. Hope today I won’t be dead.
As I water my body, the warm mist makes me think of the sun and the sea,
The salty streams from where you drink, the missing your scent to an aching degree
And when I think of these, it’s you I want to touch and see,…. Do you agree that when you dream, you step inside heaven’s door for a while?… (Read more 🌟)

Gleams Of Streams Of Dreams

I have given myself over to youI have opened my heartAnd I have felt you in it. I have felt you in my brain too.You that pull the stringsThat fills my in betweens. I have not a single clue,No intention in playing smart,But I have feelings I’d like to admit. My body your love has…

Love Has Murdered My Brain

I write about love like I have a clue about it’s strings.A musician rejected by his own instrument.I’ve heard rumors of all the joy and butterflies it brings,I give this love thing a try with no improvement. Seated on the couch, I could feel loneliness clutch my heart,The pain in my chest and fear of…

What Self-loathing Type Of Shared Misery Is This?

Why is having more important that being? Why have we prided blindness over seeing?When did the type of fork matter over the food?Why does vice and menace thrive over brotherhood? When did likes and numbers overtake feeling?Technology stealing more than it’s healing?Ten cars, seven houses and still we’re suffering.It’s as though our progress is backfiring….

Sonnet 1 – Hell absolute, Still We Stand

Poisoned is the blackened tip of my soul Present a gaping hole, alone, alone So turbulent these waves of thought – the toll! Violent waves crush, and in them, I’m thrown. Is it a man’s fate, to crush under his weight? To weep – terrified of his tomorrow? To chase happiness with ignorance great? Seeking…